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Dr. Conemangler lives!!!





Dr. Conemangler circa 1968 at OCIR.  

Now to figure out how to reach the pedals....

Hey...  Whoa...  Dad!  Where are the keys?


Dr. Conemangler posing with some fresh ConeArt.


The Dr. Conemangler Nostalgia Super Stocker!  The Ekstrand & Lambeck SS/GA Road Runner is shown here at the old Irwindale Raceway 1/4 mile (now the Miller Brewery site).  The car is in nearly identical pristine condition today.

The In-School Scouting program students come to our Motorsports Day at Occidental College.


Here is our 1969 Plymouth Barracuda being prepared to take on the BMW M3's, AWD turbo Talons, and Audi S4's in SCCA's new Street Modified class.  


The Conemangler Cuda in its previous form.....

The car was delivered to my grandfather by my dad in 1969.  Dad was then a manager at Steve Love Chrysler-Plymouth in Santa Paula, CA.

The car in this late 60's advertisement looks very familiar!



Here's where we play......

"CalClub" is home to the best Solo2 drivers in the nation.  


CSCC Solo2 competitors take a parade lap at Conefest 2001 Buttonwillow Raceway.  This event was featured as a SportsCar Magazine Solo Event of the Month.



CASOC takes the CalClub 5-Man Team Challenge Trophy again!!!


Dr. C taking aim at the V8 cars with a slushbox V6 rental...

Another rainy day rental special.... SC430 takes 2nd in Street Mod!  300hp and a race weight of nearly 4100lbs inflicted some damage on the large SM field only because bald Hoosiers on damp asphalt is not the hot ticket.  But the retractable hardtop was way cool.  Still, I'll place my 2nd place trophy in a rental on the 2002 highlight reel.


For Valentine's Day 2003, Mrs. Conemangler received a 1:18 scale model of our favorite rental race car!  Don't ask me how long it took to create all those decals.  It was a very fun car.  But if I was going to spend that much money I'd look for a used deal on a 2002 Z06 Corvette for the weekends and a 2003 Neon SRT-4 for the commute.


Here Dr. Conemangler tm is wheeling through the beginning of the North Course at the 2002 Solo2 Nationals, Forbes Field, Topeka, KS.  The E30 M3 was owned by Robert Puertas.  We had a blast!  

Herr Kegelmorder ist im haus.


Here's the trailer we got just in time for Nationals.  The Dakota with a Hotchkis-tuned suspension modified slightly for increased tow capacity made for a mighty "Sport Compact" hauler.  Just a couple of nights before the trip, David Avard spent a late night welding up our custom tire rack/toolbox.  


Dr. Conemangler tm hustling the Big Purple Miata through the offsets at Buttonwillow Raceway.  The 2000 Dodge Dakota ClubCab SLT+ has a 4.7L OHC V8 and a multispeed automatic.  Suspension mods include Hotchkis springs, sways, and revalved Bilstein shocks.  Tires are 275-60-15 Kumho STX's on factory 15x8" cast aluminum rims.  The engine has a QuickD intake, StageII JetChip, and a 160F thermostat.  The 9 1/4 rear axle carries 3.92 gears and a factory limited slip.  Trailer towing package includes a tranny cooler and Class IV receiver hitch.


The Junkyard Hero takes his '64 Dart GT to the limit.  Not bad for a 318-2v.  The car is a solid handler and is just a few ponies away from being a serious canyon bruiser.  Stay tuned on this car's development as da' Hero takes on more autocrosses and trackdays in 2003.

In November 2002, we suffered through the loss of Special K.  Mike Kastelz was very special indeed.  Here Janelle and Megan wheel Mike's '67 Vert through an autocross at Hollywood Park.  It was just a week after the funeral, but Mike would have wanted it this way.  He felt pretty strongly that his girls learn to really control an automobile.  We did our best to see that wish fulfilled.  


Fishheads.....  You'll find it here!



Join us in October for the Fall Fling and April for the two-day Spring Fling.  The largest Mopar only shows on the Pacific Rim.   For more information, check out the club website at www.cpwclub.com/


Ekstrand & Miller Racing is sponsored by the fine folks at UP&SE

Old School in a serious way....



Doorslammers Rule.

Bob Lambeck

Bob Lambeck is one of the doorslammer kings and all time great engine builders.  Here's a shot "stolen" from the Charles Gilchrist collection.  For some great old drag racing shots check out www.charlesgilchrist.com/GPC/drag_racing.html


In this 1977 advertisement, Bob Lambeck's A/MP 1968 Hemi Barracuda is used to promote Direct Connection's parts program for the grassroots racer.

Bob's '68 Hemi Dart was a crowd favorite with its towering wheelstands.  

He built this car after winning consecutive division titles driving for Dick Landy. 

I've got quite a few rare pictures of  Bob Lambeck if I can ever get them unpacked.

Here are a few shots of the yellow '74 Duster that would eventually take Tim Ekstrand to a second World Championship, but not before giving Bob Lambeck a Winternationals title.

One of the first passes ever for the new car at a 1983 pre-season test at OCIR.

The building of this car was featured in a series of Car Craft Magazine articles.

Here the I/SA Duster takes down good friend Big John Barkley's G/SA Corvette.  It was a friendly grudge match on this testing day.  The finish line light cell is just to the left of the cone.  1983 OCIR.


A shot straight down the famous OCIR track.  I believe that's A-1 transmission's Marv Ripes sitting to the left.  Tim Ekstrand is in the dark blue shirt watching the launch.


Bob's son Doug Lambeck now has made his own strong impact on the Doorslammer world taking a Winternationals and World Finals win along with back to back US Nationals titles.  Here Doug takes on George Stassi's classic Firebird.  There is nothing like a pair of Super Stockers launching for the sky.




Tim Ekstrand

From the "Where are they now" file in National Dragster.  I obviously have a good deal of rare pictures and articles on Tim Ekstrand, but most is packed away pretty deep.  It'll be awhile til I can get at it, scan, and upload.  Someday.  The top picture shows the Road Runner between its Love Machine days and the blue and orange Lambeck colors it wears today.  The article has some minor errors.  As a stocker, the GTX had a rated 375hp 440-4v.  But after converting to super stock as a 1969 1/2 Road Runner, it ran the 390hp 440-6 with the three Holley two barrels.  The article also skips the '71 Hemi 'Cuda running SS/DA that came before the '68 Hemi Barracuda was built for A/MP.  The '71 Hemi car and the '69 1/2 six barrel car were campaigned together with Bob driving the Road Runner and dad driving the hemi car as Bob's leg healed from the Pro Stock crash.

The captions are incorrect.  First, the road runner has a 440 six barrel wedge motor.  Tim Ekstrand was driving the Hemi Cuda.  Bob Lambeck was driving the wedge powered Road Runner.  The two cars met in the final.  Also George Weijbe won stock in the Black '74 Duster that Tim Ekstrand would drive in the 1975 season.  That was a great night at Irwindale!  I believe the Road Runner ran 11.11 at 124mph during this 1974 event.

Here Tim Ekstrand and the Love Machine takes on Big John Barkley's Shoebox at the 1972 Supernationals held at Ontario Motor Speedway. 

Another Mopar triumph!


Pomona Raceway circa 1973

Here's a shot from the old Ventura County Drags at Camarillo Airport.  The car was in the midst of the upgrade from Stock to Super Stock.  Its still running stocker rear slicks here.

Now fully in SS/GA trim, but before the paint job to Lambeck's Blue and Orange scheme.

Our car's first national record!


The Love Machine at OCIR from their program, September 1968


The '73 Barracuda that never got a decent paint job!  Great car, but sort of homely....


The two dusters side by side at the 1984 NHRA World Finals, Pomona Raceway.

Maybe here's where Dr. Conemangler learned to race a truck!

Tim Ekstrand takes a trophy home from Lions' Drag strip in the summer of 1967.

1967 Dodge D200 3/4 ton long bed.  383 powered 3-speed.  Tow vehicle/stand-by stocker!


Some Cool stuff

I found this business card in the bottom of a box of old parts.


Now for some old participant decals I came across!

The last one is from my grade school binder cover.....

Kicks on Hello Kitty


Much Much More to come....  


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